Thursday, November 10, 2011

take five....

We needed to take a family picture for our Christmas card.  It's not that we haven't had any family shots taken this year, just none I wanted to use on our card {why is it everyone can't look at the camera at the same time?}.  So we gave it a try last night when the kids got home from school.

We weren't going far.  The front yard was going to have to do this year.  Luckily the tree in the front yard has waited to change and drop it's leaves.  So before I took a nap yesterday {surgery medication is still kicking my butt} I told my husband.. "don't rake those leaves we're going to take a picture there when the kids get home."

I woke up a little groggy to the sounds of the boys raking and jumping into the leaves.  My first thought.. I must be dreaming since that's the last thing I said not to do before I layed down.  My second thought... on my word they're really raking up my leaves!!   

I hollered for my husband to get them {sounds terrible I know, lol}.  And when they found out that they weren't allowed to rake the leaves because we were taking a family photo there.. well lets just say they were less than pleased.

Finally after getting a sweater on {which is not the easiest task since I had shoulder surgery Monday} we headed to the front yard, only to discover my camera remote battery was dead.  Rats.  And to make things just a little more difficult this year {as if we needed more difficult at this point} trying to get Snickerdoodle {our mini Goldendoodle} to look at the camera, well let's just say we had many takes.

Take one.. "kids look at the camera not the dog." 
Take two... "why are your eyes closed?!"
Take three.. "puts the leaves down." 
Take four.. "seriously Snickerdoodle, stop watching me as I walk back after setting the timer {lol}." 
Take five... "cheese!!"

Take five it was.  That is the one that made it to the card.  Whew...we're done!!

Happy Thursday!!

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