Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Calendar...

My kids love doing advent calendars.  They love getting a little treat everyday from December 1 through Christmas.  Usually we do one with little chocolates even though it doesn't always go shall we say smoothly.  One year my middle child tried to open as many as he could before I caught him {smile}.

This year we will once again be doing one with little chocolates.  Except for the youngest who hates all things chocolate.  I wonder if he was switched at birth {just kidding}, actually my other two eat enough to cover his share.  He'll get a swedish fish everyday and I'll be forced to eat the little chocolate {please stop twisting my arm, it still hurts from surgery}.

I picked up this really cool Lego Advent Calendar this year.  All three kids have to share it so we picked numbers who would go first and then wrote their initial on the numbers they would get to open.  It worked out great they'll each get to open 8 days.

This collection will then be added to the rest of their little city they have built on a table in the family room.
 {men at work getting the horses ready}

 {the chopper, I mean who doesn't need a chopper on hand?!}

 {football goal}


 {four wheelers}

 {computer workstation}

 {horse stable}

 {little tools to keep horse stables clean}

I love their little imaginations and I hope they never lose their love to create.

Happy Wednesday!!

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