Wednesday, July 11, 2012


According to my calendar it's July.  That can't be right.  Where on earth is the time going?  Summer is buzzing right on by.  It's been filled with trips to the bay, the orthodontist, library, Target, ice cream shop and countless trips to the local convenience store for slushies.  The slushie things had gotten out of control in my opinion.  My dear husband will call the store in advance to see what flavors they have before we go {lol}.  I think they are going to soon start blocking his calls!

It's been fun having my new phone this summer.  It seems to be helping me out and keeping track of some of the fun stuff we've been filling our days with {smile}.

 {a sunset from the backyard}
 {nothing beats a summer rainbow}
{follow up should appointment treat}

{chillin on the bay.  we love to spend saturday's here}

{my daughter and i }

{hello fourth of july donuts...i love you}

{summer isn't complete without a crab feast}

{i love this store}

{made my first homemade cheesecake. delicious}

{the bay}

{the bay,again. makes me smile}

The boys have football camp this week.  Then the whole season starts.  Still need to squeeze in all our 4-H projects, band camp and pride ambassador camp my daughter was invited to.  The school bus is going to be pulling up before I know it {frown}.

Happy Wednesday!!