Wednesday, November 9, 2011

one project at a time...

This weeks project is one I've wanted to try for a etching.  I found some very cute ideas for teacher gifts on pinterest.  So before I tried gifts I'll be giving away, I thought I could do something for our house.

I made new toothbrush holders for my husband and I, only his says Mike, not Tina {smile}.

Now here's a look at each step it took to make this adorable new cup.

I bought these cute little cups, brought them home and washed them.  They need to be clean before you start.  When you pick out your glass piece to etch, think about what you are using it for.  Knowing what you want to put in it will help you pick out what size glass piece you need.

Next I cut out my name on contact paper using my cricut.  You'll want to keep the negative part of the image {that means pull out the letters you cut out sit them aside for another project}.  Place the contact paper on the glass where you want the etched word{s} to be.  The nice thing about using contact paper is that you can reposition it until you get it exactly where you want it.

I decided to use Armour Etch.  There are many different products out there to use and at $25.00 a bottle I think this is a little expensive.  I waited until I had a 40% coupon and brought the price down to about $15.00.  The great thing is that you'll be about to get a ton of projects out of this bottle.

Safety first.  Always wear rubber gloves and eye protection while using this product.  Follow the directions on the bottle to apply etching cream.  I did this project outside just in case there were fumes.  Another side note ** Make sure you tape off the rest of the glass so the cream doesn't get on any areas you don't want it on.  Once it touches glass it does not come off**

After waiting five minutes, wash according to directions, take contact paper off and tada your very own personalized piece. 

The teachers will all be getting one with their names on it.  We haven't decided if we're going to fill them with pencils, pens or candy.  But any of those will be adorable.

So use your imagination and give it a try.  The project ideas for this are endless.

Happy Wednesday!!

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