Tuesday, October 18, 2011

waiting for the bus...

Raise your hand please if you rode the bus to school.  I never really did, except for all the sports I was in.  My mom often would take my sister and I to school.  I'll never forget one day the horn in her 1973 Chevy Monte Carlo would honk by itself every time you turned the wheel.  It beeped turning into the school.  It beeped as she turned to pull up along the curb.  It beeped as she turned and pulled away.  And it beeped again as she pulled back out onto the main road.  Talk about a little embarrassing, especially when you are in middle school.
My children have the luxury of being picked up right at the end of the driveway {I don't know if they see it that way}.  There's not really any opportunities to embarrass my children, right ?!  I decided to ask my daughter {the middle schooler} if there was anything I've ever done yet to embarrass her.  Her reply "not really".  My interpretation... oh there is.  She is just not the type of child to come out and tell me.  My boys, well that's a different story.  They would have no issues telling me how embarrassing I am.  Anyway, after reminding my daughter of a few things I did that I thought she might be thinking about she finally said "well there is one thing".  "Okay what is it?" I asked her.  Her reply... "it is a little embarrassing that you wear your pajamas in the driveway".  I couldn't stop laughing and I nicely told her that if that is the worst thing I do, she is going to be just okay {smile}.
And then they drove away on the big yellow bus.  Have a great day!

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