Thursday, October 13, 2011

our playroom...

Our playroom is quite possible one of the heaviest rooms in the house used by the kids.  When we built this house six years ago {man time flys} this room was originally the dinning room on the plans.  But we are by no means fancy people who needed a dinning room.  So instead of it basically being wasted space we use it as the playroom.  This room is only 13 x 13 so to make the most of it it must be organized {oh how I love that word}. 
The boxed shelf unit {Ikea} holds the most.  Bins on top hold all of the drawing supplies on one side and on the other all the DS's and ipods.  Then things for school on the second row on shelves usually.  Next all of the bins house tons and tons of cars, trucks, tractors, fake food and more books.  It truely is what helps keep this room together.

The black amoire houses the computer and other art supplies in the bottom drawers.  I love {just can't express that enough} love that the doors shut and we don't have to stare at that madness behind the doors.

The next projects are the most meaningful to us.  We wanted to give the kids someplace to chalk.  So rather than put the chalk on the walls we painted it on a piece of 4x4 birch and screwed it to the wall.  That way in years to come when they don't use it anymore we can just take it down and not have to worry about getting chalkboard paint off the wall.  Note.. we painted magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint so it works great for holding kids projects with magnets.

And finally the wall of art projects behind the sofa.  This displays all of the beautiful masterpieces my children bring home.  Love that you can switch it out as often as you want.

Hope you enjoy the small sneek peak an thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. I just discovered your blog! Love it!! This post about playroom organization is inspirational and gives me hope we'll get ours under-control!