Thursday, January 26, 2012

looooong week...

This week seems to be dragging.  Usually when the schedule is cram packed it makes it fly, but not this week.   Work, school, wrestling practice, dance practice, school social night, doctors appointments, physical therapy.  It's like we've been playing "tag, your it" at our house.  I so dislike that feeling!

I did get slow down a moment on Sunday and found this adorable little bird up the street from our house.  I am by no means a bird expert, so I have no idea what kind of bird he or she is.  But it was so fluffy feathered looking I just had to snap it's picture.  So I'm going to put on my goal list this year to try to learn some of the local feathered creatures that live in are area.

Wish me luck.  If any of you know what type it is I'd love to hear from you.  Thanks!

Happy Thursday!!

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