Monday, February 6, 2012

foggy weather...

We have had the weirdest weather this winter.  I think it all started when we had snow before Halloween up until the 60 degree days in January.  I'm the kinda girl who likes to see all four seasons.  And this winter is just not cutting it for me.  Barely any days below 32 degrees and we've been jipped in the snow department so far too.  Most people think I'm talking crazy talk when I talk about the mild weather we've been having and tell me to bite my tongue.

This weather also seems to be producing a lot of fog.  And while I really don't like driving in it, I do enjoy watching the horses in the backyard in the morning.  Fog is funny.  Most times it obscures your view of things,  but did you ever notice sometimes it highlights the things right in front of you that most often we look right past?

Happy Monday!!

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