Monday, February 20, 2012

winter blues....

Usually by mid February I have the winter blues.  This year though with the mild weather we've had I find myself begging for freezing days and snowy skies.  I feel like time is running out and we haven't really had winter yet. 

Although winter doesn't seem to have the prettiest scenery with no snow, I find the skies are amazing.

All of these were taken out my back door.  It's amazing to me how different the sky is everyday.  Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday I forget to stop and look around.  So there really is no need for winter blues, but I will admit I've been pouting a little about the lack of snow we've gotten. 

Happy Monday!!

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  1. Skies are absolutely amazing this time of year! Even a mild winter creates spring fever. I was out today and noticed more of my spring bulbs coming through. I took a walk around the garden and checked out the plants and started thinking of warmer days and then told myself to get back in the house. I was, after all, out there in my bare feet. They are saying we are going to be cold this weekend coming though. Have a great week!