Thursday, January 12, 2012


There are bunnies all over the place.  And no, we don't have rabbits.  They're dust bunnies and this litter seems to be huge.  Where on earth do these come from?

This rascally rabbit was living amongst the cord madness that goes on with all the computer cords.  So I thought I would tackle that job with a cool idea I found on Pinterest. 

I started saving the little tabs that come on rolls and breads.  I was going to order cord label and organizers online, but when I started pricing them found it was getting pretty expensive for the amount I was going to need.  So I started saving the little tabs that come on loaves of bread.  FREE.  Hello, doesn't get better than free.

Once I figured out which cord went to what I wrote it's name with a sharpie on the little tab and slipped it onto the cord it belonged to.  Now there will be no more unplugging the wrong thing.  Genius.  Thank you Pinterest for giving such creative people a place to share.

Wow!  Isn't that a huge improvement?  Can't wait to tackle all of the other cord madness going on.  I also plan to label all the the miscellaneous cords in the closet so I know exactly who and what they belong to.  Did I mention this was free?

Happy Thursday!!

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