Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring has sprung...

Well it's official, it's Spring.  Even if the calendar didn't say it, my sinuses sure are.  The mild weather this winter it making things come to life a couple weeks earlier here.  So I guess if it's not going to snow {sigh} we may as well enjoy the 70 degree days that we've been blessed with.

Daffodils, how can you not love themThe neighbor lady has a ton in her front yard and they are like a sea of gold.  Love, love, love them {smile}. 

I'm kinda embarrassed to say I got a new camera for Christmas and I just haven't picked it up as much as I should have.  Truthfully, it frustrates me a little.  I had the Nikon d50 for about 5 years and moved up to the d7000.  Don't get me wrong, I love the camera and can tell a huge difference already, but the centering selection drives me nuts.  I like to manually select my center spot especially if I'm using my 50mm lens, but just can't figure it out.  I just ordered a new user book, the manuals that come with the camera are just to much for me.  I'm a trial and error kinda girl.
So when I get some free time here, I'm going to try to break out the camera and my new book and figure this thing out.  In the mean time if anyone else uses the d7000 and wants to give me some helpful hints I'm open. 

Happy Spring!!

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